Welcome to Eleven! We are a small team of Glitchen trying to reassemble the code from our beloved game Glitch! What is Glitch - or Eleven, you might ask? It's a peaceful, cooperative, massively multiplayer game in which you pet trees, milk butterflies, gasmogrify vapour, build furniture, brew hooch, grow herbs, tune bubbles, and make salt in a spice mill...with friends.

We are eager to bring the game back to the fans as well as introduce it to those that never had the privilege to experience it. Stick with us for more exciting updates!

  • Test out the new Wardrobe and Vanity here!
  • See this post for the current state of the project (8/2014)
  • See what we've accomplished so far in our video!

Latest News

Wanna look fancy?


Click the link and play around! ¬†Saving isn’t supported yet, and it’s a little buggy, but you should be able to see what we have in mind.

Report any bugs to bugs@elevengiants.com for the moment. ¬†Once we get the forums up and running, we’ll set up a bug forum to take its place.

Written by: kaiyonalatar on August 28, 2014
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This project is not endorsed by or affiliated with Tiny Speck, Inc. (the makers of Glitch) in any way.